Terms and Conditions of ICE Tracer, LLC.

By accessing our Website, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use pertaining to your membership services and access to this Website.

You further agree that the Terms of Use extend on your access to the   proprietary emergency information platform. You are also aware that your use of the products and services   as otherwise known as ICE Tracer Emergency Services be governed by the Terms of Use.

Upon signing-up  in  this Website and using any of the services, you and each of your dependents  if  applicable accept and have read, understood and agreed to all of the necessary provisions embodied in the Terms of  Use and Policy Privacy accordingly. Under your subscription, the first time you log into the Website and periodically thereafter ICE Tracer, LLC decides to amend these Terms of Use, you will be asked to accept the Terms of Use. If you do not agree, you are not authorized to fully access the Website. These Terms of Use are solely and exclusively between you and ICE Tracer, LLC. You fully acknowledge   and agree that your   membership with the Website is not controlled by a third party. Nor the third party has any obligations or duties in relation to these Terms of Use.

In order for you to fully avail of the promotional use and third-party offer, it is required for you to enroll in ICE Tracer Emergency Services. Your subscription will not be deemed valid unless and until the Board of Director accepts it.

As part of the Enrolment Process requirement, you may have the liberty to enroll your spouse, minor children, any family member and any adults. By enrolling them as proof of your relationship with any one of them, you must secure a Medical Power of Attorney or Legal Guardianship. It will serve as proper documentation in its own discretion either directly or indirectly through the applicable third party.

You fully agree to all of the necessary provisions embodied in the Terms of Use and Policy Privacy accordingly. You are with full cognizance of the legal consequences for the breach of any of the provisions contained herein. Otherwise, we restrict you to access this website.

Membership Levels
This Website offers primary membership of any subscriber and dependents. Anent your membership, you will be provided with the ability to print a temporary ICE Tracer Emergency Medical Card each for you and your dependents.  Once a member, you will have the ability to purchase a printed hard card for $5 in your account for each member.

The ICE Tracer, LLC as part of  improving  its services to the membership at large, it may release from time to time additional essential and  excellent services. For any ailment of premium services, the subscriber may be required completion of an enrollment form.

Responsibility of the Subscriber’s Public Health Information
As our valued member, you are freely in control of your personal health profile. The extent of your access on our website involves maintaining your lifelong record of all your medical information as well as adding pertinent information and deleting unnecessary files.

With respect to the ICE Tracer Emergency Medical Card, it is the primary responsibility of the subscriber to take proper diligence in protecting the possession of and access of it. Protection against an authorized use of the card and ID is the sole obligation of the subscriber.

With respect to the subscriber’s personal information, ICE Tracer, LLC must make reasonable efforts to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration. Its Policy Privacy is also found in this Website, which forms part of these Terms of Use. Please see this at: http://icetracer.com/policy.php.  In the case that there is an inconsistency between the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, the former governs the latter.

Term of Membership
The term of the Terms of Use is one year reckoned from the date of the approval of your subscriber application by ICE Tracer, LLC. After the one-year term, it will be automatically renewed for an additional one (1) year unless the subscriber notifies the ICE Tracer not to renew for known reasons.  Should you wish to unsubscribe to ICE Tracer Emergency Services send an email to support@icetracer.com. Subscriber agrees to pay promptly on required payments of membership on either monthly or annual basis as indicated during the enrollment process. Subscriber authorizes ICE Tracer, LLC to charge the credit card or bank account provided by the subscriber through an agreed form of transaction, including the terms for payment of membership fees.

Use of the Subscriber’s Personal health Information
ICE Tracer, LLC gathers generic information from the subscriber pertaining to the usage of the ICE Tracer Emergency Services, intended for the services sought by all other subscribers. ICE Tracer, LLC is authorized by the subscriber to share such general information to its agents and its employees. The Personal Health Information of the subscriber remains confidential to any member registered on the ICE Tracer Emergency Services, unless otherwise authorized by the subscriber. You   fully consent to share your electronic health profile created through the use of universally established medical structure to a third party, as expressly stated in the ICE Tracer Emergency Services card.

You, as a Medical Power Attorney or Legal Guardianship, expressly authorize the ICE Tracer, LLC, its agents and its employees to deliver the agreed services. Such services include mailing your ICE Tracer hard card, maintaining your shared Identifiable Personal Health Information on the secure database of the ICE Tracer,  LLC, and sharing such valuable health information to a third party who has signed in your ICE Tracer Emergency Services page, among others. The means to which allows the ICE Tracer, LLC’s agents and employees as well as to third party is provided by the ICE Tracer, LLC in order for them to view your Personal Identifiable Health Information.  

Limitation of liability
As a limited liability company, you acknowledge and fully accept that ICE Tracer, LLC has a genuine interest in limiting the officers and employees personal liabilities in the rendering of their professional services.

In no case shall ICE Tracer, LLC be accountable to you either by laws of contract or torts, any party enrolled for service or any unauthorized third-party user for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages, as a result of unauthorized access of your account or another breach of security, without limiting loss of profits. You agree that you will not ever bring suit for damages for any claim personally against the directors, officers, employees and licensors of the ICE Tracer, LLC

License to Use
The applicable copyright, trademark, international conventions, proprietary and other intellectual property rights contained in this website remain the sole property of the ICE Tracer, LLC and  its directors, officers, employees and  licensors, unless stated otherwise. Further, all ownership rights of the materials remain with ICE Tracer, LLC and its licensors.

While ICE Tracer, LLC makes its best efforts for the timeliness, reliability, appropriateness, usefulness, correctness, accuracy and adequacy of the contents of the Website, it makes no warranties or representations of any kind express or implied, pertaining to the medical identifiable information of this Website.  It also includes any other information that the ICE Tracer, LLC provides to the subscriber. 

Such information that the subscriber receives from ICE Tracer, LLC does not constitute professional medical advice. It is either a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  You should seek appropriate professional advice from your physician or health provider regarding your health condition.

By consciously using this Website, you acknowledge and agree that all pertinent provisions provided under this website are reasonable. If you think, otherwise, you do not proceed with the use of this Website.

Unenforceable Provisions
Any provision of the agreed Terms of Use held invalid or void or unenforceable illegal by a competent court shall not in any way affect the validity of other provisions. Such invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision.  The new provision will match the substance of the original provision of the said Terms of Use. Unaffected provisions of these well-defined Terms of Use shall nevertheless remain in force and effect.

By using this Website, you are bound to agree to defend, indemnify and hold ICE Tracer, LLC’s directors, officers, employees, subsidiaries and successors and any third-party providers of information or services to this Website harmless from and against any   claims, actions, liabilities, losses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorney fees, as a result of any violation of these Terms of Use. 
Early Termination
In no case shall subscriber be released from remaining payment obligations or entitled to a refund of any membership dues when subscriber terminates membership before the one-year anniversary of the membership.
ICE Tracer, LLC reserves the right to terminate contractual agreement with the subscriber at any time due to the following reasons:
•    Subscriber fails to show interest to comply the Terms of Use.
•    ICE Tracer, LLC complying with the demand of the law to discontinue the ICE Tracer Emergency Services.
•    ICE Tracer, LLC ends to offer its Services.

Under these Terms of Use, early termination will not terminate subscriber’s contractual obligations. The subscriber may receive a pro-rata refund for the outstanding portion of the subscription as well as any advance payment for services.

Breach of the Terms and Conditions
Without   prejudice to the other rights of  ICE Tracer, LLC   embodied   under these Terms of Use, ICE Tracer, LLC shall cause to do the following appropriate actions   for any user of this Website who violates   any agreed provision of the Terms of Use:
•    to suspend your account thereby prohibiting you to access the Website
•    to block you from using your IP address in accessing the Website
•    to temporary block of  your access to the Website through your service provider  

ICE Tracer, LLC represents and warrants  that  it has a vested and unqualified  right and authority, in its sole and absolute discretion,  to transfer, sub-contract or otherwise deal with rights and obligations under these Terms of  Use  without the need of notification or  to obtain your consent. You have no right or authority to transfer, sub-contract or otherwise make a deal with your rights and obligations under these agreed Terms of Use.

Entire Agreement
These well-defined Terms of Use set forth herein constitute the entire agreement between you and ICE Tracer, LLC pertaining to your access and use of the Website. The said Terms of Use exclude any other services which may be contained in a separately written agreement. Further, it supersedes any prior agreements made between you and ICE Tracer, LLC.

Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use shall be construed in accordance with and be governed by the laws of the State of Texas without reference to its conflict of laws principles.  The proper courts in the State of Texas, United States of America shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the controversies arising out in violations of the contract and torts laws in connection with the use of this Website or use of the Services. You fully agree and expressly consent to the exercise of the personal jurisdiction in the courts of the State of Texas to handle any dispute including the claim involving ICE tracer, LLC or its directors, officers, employees, agents, licensors or any third party.

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